Young professionals follow their passion using technology

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February 21, 2018
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Young professionals follow their passion using technology

The world of technology has massively changed over the last decade. Noticeable technology deployments include smart phones, tablets, social networking, Wi-Fi, Internet of Things (IoT) and E-Commerce. People, especially the young professionals, have been exposed to the above-mentioned developments and have adopted the use of them. Now, with smartphones and tablet we have the world at our fingertips.

How is this related to SAI-Bank?

SAI-Bank is completely aware of the new era in business. One of the macro-environments that organizations have to take into consideration is ‘technology’. Therefore, SAI-Bank is working on transforming into a professional digital Bank. To get a successful transformation, the input, efforts, knowledge of the Bank’s employees is required. This is strongly related to the company culture, which can be described as a combination of family business and traditional/conservative culture. From research, it is clear that transforming a culture is challenging. Whether you work with young or old people.

The staff of the Bank consists mostly of young professionals. SAI-Bank is aware of the benefits of hiring new talented young professionals in order to add value to our customers, services and products. Developing of managerial, leadership and entrepreneurial skills through practical experience is the most exciting feeling for young professionals.

The generation of nowadays doesn’t want a job where they spend the most of their time doing specific activities for a company to get earnings in return to pay their daily or monthly bills. Young professionals desire to build a career by gaining knowledge, skills and experience in what they were assigned for.

Young professionals are flexible and ‘hungry’ to innovate. They are not afraid to take risks or approach employers with new ideas or projects that can bring a lot of value and rewards to organizations.

For this reason, SAI-Bank engages with young professionals, considering that they are always busy thinking about innovative ideas with the newest and latest trend within technology, making them extremely valuable team members.

So, organizations can expect the new generations reaching the organizational goals in a fast and efficient way by the use of technology! As an organization with a majority of young people, we are looking confidently towards the future and aim for a healthy doses of digital and transformational activities.


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